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Can the Micromax Bolt A069 be upgraded to 3G?

can A069 Be upgraded to 3 G

my phone 2g to upgrad 3g please help me

How to upgrade micromax A069 in 3g 4g       plz    help me

how to chnge micromx 069 2G phone upgred to3G,4G

Update my a069 bolt into loly pop virgan


i want to updat my old versation kitkat to exchange versation officeal lolipop

I want to upgrade bolt A069 to lollipop. I have rooted phone

plzzz upgread to 5.0 Lolypop 3g ram Rom

How to update my phone to lollipop

I want to my a069 update to 3g. Plzz help me

how can i upgrade my micromax bolt A069 In 3g videos

You can't, it's not just a software thing, it's hardware side of the phone.

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