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Can I keep my Mobilicity plan?


Hi...When Mobilicity switches over to Chatr plan, it is evident that the package will not be the same. My Mobilicity is $30 package which includes Unlimited Data+Talk+Text, including North American Long Distance, Voicemail, Global text etc. In the new Chatr plan (Value for money plan) North American long distance call is not included, Canada wide unlimited call is not included. Are we compelled to change the originally offered plan by Mobilicity?

Hi Jan. I checked Mobilicity website. Looks like you can't. You will now have to use Chatr plans. Not sure if you know this yet, but if you complete the steps to move to Chatr, you will get $10 bonus credit per line in your account. It will be applied within 30 days of successfully moving to Chatr. (source)

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