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Why did the Lenovo A6000 got slower after updating to Lollipop?

A6000 after updating lollipop, getting slower and also take more time to open contact list and call log.
After downloading system update it showing error abort updation.
all app showing error, stop responding.
I purchase this phone in Feb2015 can i replace this handset.

i have after update my lenovo a6000 5.02 update phone very slow and 4.4 kitkat again flashing but slow problem not slove

Lenovo's Vibe UI is pathetic and very slow. Nothing can fix the slowness now once you have upgraded your Lenovo a6000 phone. There is also no support from Lenovo. Best is purchase another phone and suggest everyone to never buy Lenovo product.

Note : Before performing below mentioned steps please backup your contacts and your other necessary data on SD card. 1. Switchoff your Lenovo A6000 or A6000 plus Smartphone. 2. Press volume up, volume down and Power button simultaneously (at 3 a time). Now you can see Android booting options menu on your Lenovo screen. 3. Now Move through the options by using buttons Volume up and down. 4. Select “Wipe Cache Partition” option by clicking on Power button. 5. Now in the same manner select “Wipe data/Factory Reset” option too. 6. Now select “Reboot system now” Your Lenovo A6000 or Lenovo A6000 plus smartphone will reboot now. 7. Import your contacts data to phone after that This should resolve contact slowness issue.

Lenevo a6000 I have updated lollipop. after updating phone is very slow please tell me how to install 4.4.4 Kat. other solution

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