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What's the difference between the Audiovox 8450 and 8455?

the audiovox 8450 is a greeat phone BUT so is the 8455 ohhhhhh wait a minute there ecxactly the same now i need to know what the difference is the only thing i know is ones cheaper

Whats the issue with this phone cdm8450 as it constantly locks up screen greys out and hit the pound key for etiquette mode (playing one day when it locked) and it went to the browser the last place I was, and it locked up 2 hrs later and the battery life is bad I had it in for service and got it back worked roughly a month and started the same B.S again!!! Movie Award Updates

Guess I'll need to tell my mom to return it to the store, first cell for her and she's not interested in the colors things either. I heard that this phone connect on the net by itself and download things, so this may raise a good bill.

I concur, Service person is absolutely right

Hi, I work as a service manager, and here's the difference:
The 8450 is the standard platform; the 8455 is the exact same phone but it comes with a WWE theme with different software and a leather case. HOWEVER...

I don't recommend the phone. Audiovox is generally reliable and their software works fine, but as a service manager I have seen WAY too many of these come back with liquid damage, more than normal, which isn't covered under the warranty. Until Audiovox does something to improve the casing of this model I don't recommend it unless you know how to treat your phone very kindly.

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