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Mobilicity plan

$15 Unlimited Prepaid

  • $15.00 per month
Mobilicity plan

$25 Back to School

  • $25.00 per month
Mobilicity plan

$25 Unlimited with Data

  • $25.00 per month
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Huawei Ascend Y215

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About Mobilicity

Mobilicity holds 10 licenses in targeted urban markets across Canada, covering over 16 million Canadians. Mobilicity is currently constructing its 3G wireless network in five of Canada's most populous markets; Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa. The high speed packet access (HSPA) network will give Mobilicity subscribers access to 3G smartphones and data devices, as well as voice and data services.

Voice network: UMTS
Data network: HSPA 1700/2100 MHz

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
Mobilicity Head Office 101 Exchange Avenue, Vaughan, Ontario L4K 5R6


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Reviews (4/10 Avg. rating)

Wind Mobile's vision of freeing Canadian’s from mobile restrictions is a breath of fresh air in the mobile market

from TechFibe (over 2 years ago)

Thankfully I haven’t had the need to call customer service more than a few occasions. So I can only comment on those rare circumstances. When I called customer service, I was always greeted happily by the representative and had any questions or issues resolved truthfully (which is actually a great... More

Good value and good service

from Digital Home (over 2 years ago)

From sales to support to usage, my experience with Mobilicity in Toronto has been excellent and I am confident in recommending the service. The potential downside to Mobilicity, which may affect Digital Home readers is the companies limited number of retail locations, lack of iPhone support and service... More

For the low end cash based consumers

from myCELLmyTERMS (over 3 years ago)

Mobilicity’s strategy is an interesting one. A largely prepaid offering which includes data cell phones or smartphones, which is not a typical prepaid offering but targeted at the low end cash based consumers. It remains to be seen however, if their target segment, low end, prepaid leaning customers... More

Only selling point: Cheap

(15 days ago)

Mobilicity has some of the cheapest packages, but you really get what you pay for. The reception is non-existent underground and strange pockets in the city, and the service ranks only slightly above Telus. If you can afford it, make a switch. Your blood pressure will thank you for it.


Good to bad

(29 days ago)

I was really happy with the fact that Canada finally had a little competition happening in the telecommunication industry. It's ridiculous how much cellphone carriers charge in Edmonton. I started with Wind which was okay in terms of coverage; however, their customer service is the worst! I was... More


Ridiculous service

(30 days ago)

This is the worst service I have ever had from a phone company. I have a month to month service with them, and every month they suspend myservice (even tho I have paid my bill) . They also will charge you for a month that you do not use. I paid them for two months, and the conveniently did not receive... More



(about 1 month ago)

I just love Mobilicity no problem.


The best service and cheapest plans..

(about 1 month ago)



(2 months ago)

Why should I have to pay $5 a month to keep my phone number, and then lose my existing plan due to no fault of my own. My phone got broken, I cannot afford another phone this month but we will punish you anyway and to add insult to injury we will make you pay $5 to make sure you keep your phone number.... More


Same as the rest.

(2 months ago)

They say they're different - "no hidden fees", but like seemingly all other cell service providers, Mobilicity lied to me. The sales person told me at the point of sale that, since I was purchasing my phone cash, it is not locked. Well, he lied - it's locked. Now they insist on... More


Store hours never accurate according to posted hours

(2 months ago)

every time i have gone to both locations at st. laurent and montreal road in ottawa, ontario, store is not open, in accordance with posted hours of business. Truly unprofessional and lazy folks run those stores. I am changing carriers today.


Its canada's best thing to offer!

(4 months ago)

it is too good to be true.


They stole money from me.

(4 months ago)

I wanted to unlock my Samsung Galaxy S3, so I went around PMALL and many store owners refused to unlock my phone. One store owner said he could do it, but if the codes do not work, then he would refund me. After paying $45 to get the unlock code, I heard nothing from the owner until I went back to the... More


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