The rumored $99 4GB iPhone may not have been true, but it seems that we’ll soon be getting a more affordable option to the iPhone 3G S in the form of an 8GB variant based on this new leaked document unearthed by BGR.

rogers 8gb iphone 3g s

Entitled “Rogers 8GB iPhone transitioning to 3GS”, this basically reveals that there's a new 8GB iPhone 3G S just waiting in the wings ready for distribution once Rogers' current stock of 8GB iPhone 3G units run out. We’re not sure how much it will exactly cost, but it will definitely be cheaper than the 16GB iPhone 3G S that's currently retailing for $199. Likewise, looking at Apple’s track record at how they usually price their iPhone offerings, it might even go as low as $99 which, I must admit, would be a pretty sweet selling price for the iPhone 3G S.

rogers 8gb iphone 3gs

Of course, we’re still taking this latest news with a grain of salt and trying as hard as we can not to get overly excited about it since this has yet to be confirmed. For what its worth, just treat this as a heads that a more affordable variant of the iPhone 3G S might be debuting sooner than later.