While Google launched their Product Search feature for both the iPhone and Android OS, Google apparently still wants to give their very own Android platform a slight edge, as evidenced by the release of their new Barcode scanning service.


For now, the service will be available on the Android OS only, with limited use in the US and UK. This works in tandem with their Product Search service, but is a separate app on its own, and can likewise be downloaded from the Android Market. To access this new feature via Google’s website, just click More, select the Shopping , and click on the Scan Barcode to download the app. Likewise, it can also be accessed through the Product Search page.

Here’s a quick quote from the Google Mobile blog on how to you see it:

Go back to Product Search in your browser and tap on the ‘Scan Barcode’ button again. Select “Use by default for this action” and tap on the Barcode Scanner option. After the app opens, center the red line over the barcode and hold the phone steady. When the barcode is read successfully, you’ll see a Google Product Search results page back in the browser.

No word on when it will become available on the iPhone or other mobile platforms, but based on Google’s track record, we’re optimistic that they won’t make it exclusively available for the Android phone too long.