It’s no longer a surprise to find 8-megapixel cameras integrated into mobile phones, but as everyone knows by now, there’s more to a camera than the megapixel count.

This is what Samsung wishes to address in 2009 with the release of an 8-megapixel camera phone with 3x optical zoom. Aside from the much welcome zoom factor, it will also come with an improved autofocus performance of up to 57%. This will be provided by a 1/2.5-inch CMOS sensor with lens support of F2.85. The Samsung phone that will feature this new imaging sensor will likely see the light of day in early 2009. What’s better than this? Well, there’s also news that a 12-megapixel camera module is also in the works that will be even smaller than the 8-megapixel one. No word on when a phone will come out with this type of sensor under the hood, but we’re hoping soon!

This latest development is definitely a testament to how far the camera phone has come from its now ancient VGA days of yesteryear. Great work Samsung; keep'm coming.