Here are some new pics of the Motorola Motus, and thankfully, they’re of pretty good quality this time around. This is all courtesy of an anonymous tipster of Phandroid.

Motorola EnzoMotorola Enzo (back view, closed)

These fresh batch of pics give us a decent look at this AT&T-bound Motorola Android handset including some snapshots of it both open and closed and its intriguing trackpad that's tucked underneath its QWERTY keypad.


MotoBLUR is definitely confirmed on-board working in tandem with the bundled Android 1.5 OS. We're a little bit confused on its name though as it's now being referred to as both the Motorola Backflip and Enzo. We’re not quite which name it will eventually debut with, but what’s certain, however, is its model number, MB300.


In addition to its back-flipping QWERTY keypad and 5-megapixel camera, some of the other features you can look forward to with this unique Android phone include a LED flash, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0, GPS, and possibly a 528MHz processor similar to the one found on the Motorola Cliq. You can check out more pics of the Motorola Backflip/Enzo/Motus over here.