Specs summary


The Motorola DEXT's screen is 3.1 inches with 320 x 480 pixels resolution.


There is a Qualcomm MSM7201A 528 MHz processor (CPU).


The phone runs on the Android 1.5 Cupcake operating system (OS).

5+ MP

You can take photos or capture video with the phone's onboard 5+ megapixel camera.

There's no secondary front camera.

256 MB

Internal memory is 256 MB. An external, MicroSD (up to 32 GB) expansion slot is available for increased storage capacity.


The phone is powered by a Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion), 1420 mAh battery. Motorola's performance ratings are 13.5 days standby time, 300 minutes (2G).

It's an Android phone at heart, which means you'll either like it or dislike it, based on how you feel about the platform

- Jason Chen , Gizmodo 

Reviews summary

Based on 11 reviews

After suffering the slings and arrows from tech critics for perhaps riding too long on the success of the now iconic Razr flip phone, Motorola has bounced back with the Cliq, and it has won over many critics, receiving impressive ratings and nods of approval.

The Motorola Cliq occupies an interesting place in the heavily stratified world of cell phones; it is neither a basic phone nor a smartphone. And in this middle position, it shines quite well.

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For folks who want a pocket tech companion that can take excellent pictures, interact easily with friends on social media sites, offer extensive personalization options, the Motorola Cliq is worth a serious look.

In addition to a full QWERTY keyboard that offers contoured keys a step above many others, the Android-powered Cliq also boasts a 3.1 inch capacitive touch screen display, providing a second direct way to interact with this phone. The display rolls in with a 320 x 480 pixel resolution display, which is very good for a phone in this category. It means images will be crisp, colors will be vibrant, and it will be easy on your eyes.

Add a 528MHz processor, and you have the kind of power needed to power apps without much drag or delay, and the ability to enjoy multiple apps running simultaneously.

Oh, and did I mention the 5MP camera? Yup! And it has digital zoom, Geo tagging (which allows you to tell folks where the photo was taken), white balance (which adds clarity) and a variety of effects. It also has a competent video recorder, too, so lots of fun capturing special moments.

Rounding out the better features there is stereo Bluetooth 2.0, microSD memory expansion and the always appreciated 3.5mm jack input which allows you to listen to music with your favorite headphones.

The Motorola Cliq does a great job squeezing into a category that is far more than a simple phone, but not meant to be a full-blown smartphone. And it ends up in a happy place I think many customers will very much appreciate.

Reviews (8.8/10 Avg. rating)

CellPhone Signal

A top-notch Android device

from CellPhone Signal
The Motorola Cliq is the third Android phone in T-Mobile’s lineup. Thanks to a highly customizable user interface and an ambitious Motoblur service, which puts all your social networks, the Cliq is a great smart phone. With a 5-megapixel camera, 3.5mm headphone jack, and a comfortable keyboard and GPS, the Cliq can be a good option of combining a fun with a work phone... Full review

Sprite little messaging device designed around social networking

from PhoneArena

When we held the Motorola CLIQ in the traditional position callers were very pleased with the sound quality, rating us at an 8.5, but just a slight movement, such as pinning the phone between our ear and shoulder with no hands, and quality significantly dropped.  To us callers sounded very good, and we would agree with their 8.5 rating.  Sound quality was clear, voice reproduction was good and the volume was loud enough, but in a noisy environment we would have preferred more.  The battery is rated for 6 hours of talk time, which should be plenty to get most users though the... Full review

Phone Scoop

MOTOBLUR sets the phone apart from other Android devices

from Phone Scoop
If you're a social networking butterfly and have an appetite for a constant stream of information flowing to the home screen of your phone, the CLIQ, from Motorola, could possibly be the phone for you. It marries a popular form factor with Android and the new MOTOBLUR platform, which delivers all your social networking updates in real-time. For some, this might be a dream come true, for others, a nightmare... Full review

A phone designed for social networking fiends

from Wired

Spending time with the Cliq, Motorola's first phone running Google's Android OS is like spinning doughnuts in a funny car for hours. It's thrilling and a little dizzying, but for those without an iron constitution it can be a little tumultuous on the tummy.

The Cliq is a phone designed for social networking fiends. It aggregates every social networking service you'd care to use — Twitter, Facebook, MySpace — and goes a step further, throwing e-mail and photo services such as PhotoBucket and Picasa into the mix.

The Cliq comes fit with a custom skin from Mot... Full review


Looks and feels over-engineered

from Engadget

Palm and Motorola have taken very different paths to get where they are today; one began life as a scrappy Valley start-up founded by a tablet computing pioneer, the other traces its roots to all the way back to the early days of consumer electronics and the automotive industry. Yet somehow, through years (decades, even) of adventure, success, and misfortune, they've found themselves in exactly the same situation here in 2009: it's do-or-die time. Palm, of course, has elected to try its hand at resurrecting the very thing that took it to superstardom in the first place -- an elegant, tightl... Full review


Do all of that on faster hardware

from Gizmodo

Like we said in the hardware section, the major thing holding back the Cliq from being a fantastic phone is the processor. The animations are smooth, the UI touches are smart and the social networking stuff is useful; we just wish we could have a bit more account customization, do all of that on faster hardware. Once Motorola gets the Blur platform onto a more powerful phone and works through some of the software quirks we noticed, they're going to have a really good Android phone on their hands.

Is this the phone that Motorola needs to bring it back into the smartphone race? It... Full review


A keyboard Android phone with social networking features

from TechCrunch
Motorola has released the phone it should have released a few years ago to compete with phones like the Helio Ocean and feature phones from LG and Samsung. Android brings this phone into the 21st century and the QWERTY keyboard and BLUR UI tweaks will please those looking for a keyboard Android phone with social networking features... Full review

A well-rounded smart phone

from CNET
If you're drowning in a social-networking deluge of updates and messages, the Motorola Dext may be the answer for keeping everything under control. Throw in a full Qwerty keyboard, you've got an excellent phone that's built for staying in touch, as long as you don't actually want to make calls.A good-looking, responsive touchscreen and the powerful, expandable Android operating system help to make up for the Dext's uninspiring looks and slightly questionable build quality, making for a well-rounded smart phone that we'd be happy to be caught typing on.. Full review

Great Phone! Very Innovative.

Its a great phone. Something that has the social networking stuff all built into it. You never have to browse the internet to get facebook or myspace; it is simply built into your phone! Pros - Very good looking, the covers as well - Keyboard is great, - Headphone jack is standard 3.5 Cons - Does... More
Its a great phone. Something that has the social networking stuff all built into it. You never have to browse the internet to get facebook or myspace; it is simply built into your phone! Pros - Very good looking, the covers as well - Keyboard is great, - Headphone jack is standard 3.5 Cons - Does not support Wi-Fi Proxy; this makes it almost impossible to use the wifi at work, campus and the like. Probably not a good idea if you don't have or want to use the 3G. BTW The proxy thing is a problem of all Android phones. Less

Lives up to the hype!

I got it on March 15th... It's a great phone! Pros: -Qwerty keyboard -Responsive touchscreen -Motoblur -Fast internet 5 MP camera -The patterned backside Cons: (Not much here) -Android 1.5 (Come on... 2.2 is coming out already, why are brand new phones shipping with an obsolete OS?) -Battery life... More
I got it on March 15th... It's a great phone! Pros: -Qwerty keyboard -Responsive touchscreen -Motoblur -Fast internet 5 MP camera -The patterned backside Cons: (Not much here) -Android 1.5 (Come on... 2.2 is coming out already, why are brand new phones shipping with an obsolete OS?) -Battery life isn't all that great -Long startup time This is my first phone, and for me, the pros far outweigh the cons! I recommend this 100%! Less

Fun to use- awesome Android phone!

I just got the Dext yesterday, after my LG from Koodo packed it in. I wasn't about to spend $150 on another piece of junk from Koodo when this phone was only $400 to buy out. I was thinking of getting a Blackberry Bold, and I'd been checking out the differences between the smart phones over the las... More
I just got the Dext yesterday, after my LG from Koodo packed it in. I wasn't about to spend $150 on another piece of junk from Koodo when this phone was only $400 to buy out. I was thinking of getting a Blackberry Bold, and I'd been checking out the differences between the smart phones over the last while, and I am very pleased with my decision to go with the Dext. - MotoBlur automatically imported all of my Facebook, Twitter, and gmail contacts when I first turned on the phone... it's awesome having all of your contacts available right there. - With the touch of a button, I can see all of my contacts Facebook/Twitter statuses, as well as the ability to scroll through and pick out any contact info I need. The phone also has a search feature which searches everything on the phone all at once, for example I can start typing "Colin" and it will search through any contacts on the phone, or even bookmarks of websites that may have "Colin" in the title. - The phone is so very customisable, with 6 screens to edit and scroll through with whatever apps/widgets/info you may want to display. It comes configured with Facebook "happenings" right on the main screen, as well as your Facebook status, the weather, and messaging info. - Speaking of messaging, it has streamlined text, email and Facebook messages all into one "universal inbox", as well as the choice of browsing through messages (and convos) separately. The functionality and set up of this on the phone is wicked... totally useful and perfectly executed. My gmail pushes through perfectly, loading up in split seconds and giving me the same functionality as if I was at my laptop! Texts are also displayed in conversation windows, much like the iPhone... super cool in case you have a bad memory. - The browser works nicely as well, with the ability to copy/paste/bookmark/zoom in and out/etc. Nothing special, but it loads pages quickly and without trouble. There is also a custom google quick search widget to type in your queries from one of the main display pages and then shoot off onto a google search. - The pull out qwerty keyboard is also decent. Nothing special, but it gets the job done without any frustration. Definitely a must-have if you're into texting. On screen keyboards are a pain in the butt! (The on screen keyboard with Android of course is customisable, but still nothing like having a real one available for any typing) - As far as the design and look of the phone, as well as placement of the buttons, everything is well thought out. The power button can be used to lock the phone, as well as set GPS/Wifi/etc on or off, which is totally useful as a shortcut feature. The camera is also in a decent spot, as the phone doesn't feel awkward to hold while taking a picture, or recording a video. - Android apps are awesome. Really, really awesome. I just go onto my wifi network, and download a bunch, checking out whatever looks cool. So far I have one to search for and download full mp3s (which works perfect, I can even transfer the music back onto my computer!), an app to get free ringtones, free backgrounds, plenty of games, any kind of instant messaging you might be into (MSN, AIM, Yahoo, etc), and there are literally hundreds of other really well programmed apps available, all free. If you're a teenager looking to stay connected with your friends and you want a smartphone, go for the Dext. If you're a 20 something year old who goes on facebook once or twice a week, but feels like they wouldn't mind checking things out some more, go for the Dext. If you're a business professional who loves Google, the Dext is a great Android phone. Bell has a promotion on right now, as the phone was just released, and the promotion is pretty economical. I'm paying about $65/month for basically the same service that I had at Koodo, with a much better phone that doesn't freeze, reboot by itself, or fail to display multimedia. Two things of caution about the Dext: - I'd purchase a case for it for sure. Since it's a slide-out phone, it's bound to get messed up if it gets too dirty. - The battery will barely last a day with constant use. Have a charger handy, or splurge for an extra battery. Not a big concern to me as I usually plug my phone in at night to charge it up anyway. I'll re-review the Dext in a couple more months and fill anyone in on how the phone is working as well, but my initial reaction is the phone is great. Less

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Full Specs

Release date September 10, 2009
Regions available USA, Canada
850/900/1800/1900 MHz
850/1700/2100 MHz
SIM Card Yes
Dual SIM No
Operating System Android 1.5 Cupcake

Compare Android Smartphones

Processor Qualcomm MSM7201A 528 MHz
Internal Flash Memory
256 MB
RAM 256 MB
ROM 512 MB
Digital compass No
FlightMode Yes
Hearing Aid Compatible Yes
Noise Cancellation No
SAR Head: 1.11 W/kg
Body: 1.07 W/kg
Languages English, French, Spanish
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year
Accessories Included AC Charger, Manual, Standard Battery
Power & Battery
Type Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion), 1420 mAh
Removable Battery Yes
Wireless Charging Unknown
Fast Charging No
Video Playback Time Unknown
Wi-Fi Surfing Time Unknown
3G Surfing Time Unknown
4G Surfing Time Unknown
Talk Time Up to:
300 minutes (2G)
Standby Time Up to: 13.5 days
Physical Characteristics
Design Type Slider
Multi-Use Smart Phone / PDA No
Material Unknown
Colors Black
Dimensions [H x W x D] 11.4 x 5.8 x 1.6 cm
(4.5 x 2.3 x 0.6 in)
Weight 163 grams
(5.8 ounces)
Water Resistant / Waterproof Unknown
Rugged Design No
IP Rating No
Antenna Type Internal
Changeable Faceplates No
Display / Screen
Type Color
Technology LCD (TFT)
Colors 262k
Resolution 320 x 480 pixels
Pixel Density Unknown
Size 3.1 inches
3D No
Secondary Display No
Sensors Proximity, Motion / Accelerometer
Graphics Yes
Themes No
Backlit Illumination Yes
Zoom / Magnification Yes
Screen Orientation Lock Unknown
Multi Touch Unknown
Fingerprint-Resistant Coating Unknown
Additional Display Features No
Input / Navigation
Sleep / Wake Key Unknown
Home Key Unknown
Mute Key Unknown
Input Type QWERTY
Navigation Type Touchscreen
Predictive Text Entry Yes
Physical Keyboard Unknown
Voicemail Key Yes
Any Key Answer No
Voice Commands No
Keypad / Screen Lock No
External Volume Control Yes
External Media Playback Controls No
Fingerprint Sensor No
Call Management
Wi-Fi Calling Unknown
Voice over LTE (VoLTE) Unknown
Contact List Capacity Depends on system memory
Multiple Numbers Per Contact Unknown
Contact Groups Unknown
Auto Answer Yes
Voice Activated Dialing Yes
Photo Caller ID Yes
Web / Email / Messaging
Web Browsing Type HTML
Browser Unknown
Javascript No
Flash No
Email Yes
Email Protocols
Additional Email Features No
Messaging Services SMS, EMS, MMS, IM
Push-to-talk (PTT) No
USB Micro-USB 2.0
USB OTG Support No
Infrared No
Bluetooth 2.0
Bluetooth Profiles
WiFi 802.11 b/g/i
WiFi Encryption Unknown
Mobile Hotspot No
Expansion Slots Yes
Expansion Slots Info MicroSD (up to 32 GB)
PC Synchronization Yes
TV-out No
DLNA Support No
UMA Support No
Data Tethering Compatibility No
Java Applications No
Brew Applications No
ECML / Digital Wallet No
PictBridge No
Main Camera  
Aperture Unknown
Resolution 5+ megapixels
Dual Lens No
Zoom Yes
Flash No
Additional Rear Camera Info Auto focus
Video Recording Formats 3GP / 3GPP, MPEG-4
Video Recording Parameters QVGA (320 x 240 pixels), 25 fps
Front Camera  
Zoom No
Additional Front Camera Info No
Video Recording Parameters
Audio / Video
Audio Playback Yes
Audio Formats MP3, eAAC+, AAC+, AAC, AMR, WAV
Radio No
Video Playback Yes
Video Playback Formats 3GP / 3GPP, H.264 / AVC, MPEG-4
Mobile TV No
Streaming Video No
External Speakers No
Headset Jack 3.5mm
Custom Ringtones No
Vibration Alert Yes
Downloadable Ringtones Yes
Ringtone Composer No
Ringer ID Yes
Haptic Feedback Vibration No
Speakerphone Yes
To-Do / Task List Yes
Calendar Yes
World Clock No
Alarm Yes
Stopwatch No
Timer Yes
Calculator Yes
Currency Converter No
Document Viewer DOC, PPT, RTF, TXT, XLS
Weather Yes
Stocks No
Maps Yes
Notepad No
Voice Memos / Recorder Yes
Games Downloadable
Apps Downloadable, Pre-installed
Included Software / Apps No
Additional Comments Other Names (AKA): Motorola MB200, Motorola Morrison, CLIQ

Update to Android 2.1 available
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