$25 Talk and Text

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Estimated cost per month with taxes and fees

What you'll get

Long distance included
Unlimited evenings and weekends
Free incoming calls

Complete details
Plan Overview
Plan Payment Type Postpaid
Individual / Shared Plan Individual
Business Plan No
Number of Lines 1
Calling Area Nationwide
Contract Length Month to month, 2 years
Fee $25.00 per month
Additional Line Fee
Emergency Access Fee / e911
$0.75 per month
Other Service Fees (System Access, GRRF)
Activation Fee $0.00
Security Deposit Yes
Available in Quebec
Early Cancellation / Termination Fee $100.00 or $20.00 per month for each month remaining in the contract to a maximum of $400.00, whichever is greater
Voice Minutes
Anytime Minutes
100 minutes included
Additional: $0.50 per minute
Additional Line Minutes
Billing Increments Minute
Evening / Weekend Minutes
Unlimited minutes included
Evening / Weekend Time Period string(57) "7:00pm (Mon) - 7:00am (Thu), 7:00pm - 7:00am (Fri to Mon)"