Samsung T336It might be the Friday before a long weekend, but Rogers didn't take the day off. They were busy today distributing information to dealers that announced the availability and official specs for a new handset, the Samsung T336.

Like its sister, the Samsung T339 on T-Mobile, the T336 is essentially your basic flip. It features a color external screen, an internal screen with modest 176x220 resolution, a camera with 4x digital zoom and support for Bluetooth 2.0. Unlike the T339 which is housed in a ruby red shell, the T336 sports a more modest gray overcoat.

What makes this phone noteworthy is its integrated Wi-Fi. The T336 is Roger's newest phone to support TALKSPOT™, a service which lets you use your cell phone to make free, VOIP-like calls over you home WiFi network, calls which do not count against your minutes.

In order to take advantage of TALKSPOT, you'll need to add a TALKSPOT option to your regular wireless plan. Unlimited local calling from your home Wi-Fi network costs $15 per month and unlimited calling across Canada will cost you 20 of your hard-earned dollars.

Inside the box you'll find a stereo headset, standard battery, USB cable, PCstudio CD and of course a user guide and quick reference chart.

The Samsung SGH-T336 will set you back $49.99 on a 3-year term or $219.99 if your prefer your commitments month-to-month. No word yet on when this phone will arrive at your local Rogers dealer but late next week is probably a safe bet.

Thanks to our anonymous tipster!