Only a week after the Apple iPhone was debuted to the entire world, copycats have already started to appear. The video above is a Treo 650 using an iPhone "skin." Downloading the skin into your handset does not mean that you have a functional iPhone user interface in your smartphone, but it makes your phone look enough like an iPhone, if only for a second, to make Apple dizzy with rage.

Yes, Apple is mad, mad at those people responsible for making and circulating this downloadable skin and bloggers, who merely report the existence of the UI mimic, are getting some of the legal flak too.

Bloggers suspected of spreading this iPhone UI mimic virus are getting pushy letters from Apple to the effect that they cease and desist reporting the UI mimic and putting up links in their posts to the installation instructions. Even worse, the letters come with a big-shot law firm's letterhead:

It has come to our attention that you have posted a screenshot of Apple’s new iPhone and links that facilitate the installation of that screenshot on a Pocket PC device. While we appreciate your interest in the iPhone, the icons and screenshot displayed on your website are copyrighted by Apple.

Apple therefore demands that you remove this screenshot from your website and refrain from facilitating the further dissemination of Apple’s copyrighted material by removing the link to, where the icons and screenshot are being distributed. actually sympathizes with Apple, although it has not yet been determined when the iPhone will be released here in Canada, though at the moment it's pretty certain the carrier is going to be Rogers. Our only concern here is that Apple is not taking the high ground when it should.