LG KE 850The KE850 is a brave new design from LG that employs nearly total touch-screen navigation. This PDA will have no slide-out keypad so users will have to rely on software-generated buttons on the screen, which puts people without finger prints (they do exist) at an advantage.

If that's not cool enough for you, witnesses have seen a camera at the back, though no rear shots have surfaced just yet. There will be two tactile buttons so you can at least SEND and RETURN to where you were if the touch-screen confuses you. Screen-smothering smudges might be a problem for users who do not wash their hands every hour, but the design itself is seductive enough for a carrier or two to express interest.

The KE850 has not officially come out but it's been given an award by the International Forum Design, correctly dated as the recipient Product Design Award for 2007. We'll probably see this PDA more commonly in ladies' hands since you have to be really dainty to maintain the beauty of the huge screen.