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Why does the Micromax Yu Yureka discharge even after plugging in to charger?

discharges inspite of being attached to the charging port. phone showing charging symbol but battery not charging it reducing %. like from 34 to 20 in 30 min.

I tried new battery battery but still same problem.

Hii guys i am getting the same issue as yours please give any solution it becomes a great pleasure so please help i am in a big trouble with this problem Thank you

Even I'm facing the same charging issue in yureka plus which is 1.5 yrs old now ! It charges at times and then doesn't many times ! I have tried all cables n chargers ! But to no avail ! I think now I'll go to service centre for change or repair of USB port ! 

dont buy yu mobiles please 

I m also getting same issue, after restarting I working fine every time

please dont purchase the MICROMAX YU mMobile it havi ng poor quality ,battery not run longer,front camera is poor

I had this problem several times. The problem is not with your USB data cable, Your charger and Your Battery. The problem is of the board. Either change the board or change the USB port (Cheaper as board includes the port). That is the only solution. Stop buying data cables and adapters. Just go and repair the board.

After using one year iam also getting same problem.The solution is restarting device.I think it is software bug.

Phone discharging instead of charging when connected to charger........ hardware issue. I had a similar problem. Took it to a local repair guy. Showed me a little ic has gone burst, most likely due to voltage fluctuation. IC is v small, 1x2 mm, close to charging port. He changed it. Said this ic prevented damage to a larger charging IC. However the problem persisted. Now he changed the charging port. Thanks god , now its charging properly for last 1 week. I was charged only 250 bugs.

Will changing the charging port of yureka help?

guys please post this to the sites where this mobile is getting sold..evn gadget guru of NDTV let people know what shit hole they will b walkin into after buying this shitty tech.

I got a new phone on April 2014, it was working fine till November 2014, and suddenly stopped charging. I contacted them several times. They told, do hard reset, soft reset. But point here is, the problem is with hardware and not software. These guys just tell fucking things and disconnect the call. No response to emails. Call Charges goes around 30rs for each call. I made around 70 calls. They told they will replace. After 3/4 months got a refurbished mobile. It was working fine and now again same problem. This time it charges sometime and sometimes won't. Can local guys change the charger port ? I tried changing the cable. But sometimes, it charges only if I keep in power bank. This is bullshit. Kind advise to people who wish to buy YU products. Don't go for them. Service is poor. .

Iam facing same dattery drainage issue. my phone was working right, but two week back while charging with laptop, I massage flashed on screen to increase the charging time, I clicked that now I am facing this issue. Please, suggest me some solution if anybody having any.

I have purchased it last yr July, I used it for 3 days only,it slipped from my hand and screen was broken as I stay in hostel, made complaint to cc , they came with in 3 days and collected my mobile and told me that they will provide an alternative mobile, but it took one month of repeated calls every day, at last I got my mobile, replaced some used mobile, cc and curiour people are worst harasser. Now the replaced phone is drained totally and not charging at all, tried with all new old chargers, but after 2 hours of charging also fine is not starting, this is Yu Yureka plus mobile working, spent 10000 , but not used it for 2 months, now I don't have phone at all, pls take wise decision of not buying this unworthy phone, spending money to buy problems.

don't know why it's continuously not charging the phone I tried multiple charger to charge it but all is useless

I am facing the same problem, instead of charging the battery is draining. I am sure it is not an issue of charger or battery, I have read all above posts and come to a conclusion that the problem is only in the charging socket of the mobile, will go soon to any repair shop with full hope that it will resolve the issue.

guys i am also facing same problem.... yureka sucks!!!!! in service center they are advising to change the ic of the battery. they are costing 1200 Rs!!!!! plz dont go to yu service center & suggest others not to buy the yu mobiles.... dont go to S3 communications,jaynagar 3rd block,banglore...they are just costing money without doing anything to mobile.

@ Adarsh, Can you pl tell what to do when the battery is getting fully charged and while on use it is getting discharged very fast ( Say in an hour or so). need to do 3 to 4 times Charging per day . Except the frequent charging requirements, the mobile is working absolutely fine.

i was also facing the same problem but i finally discovered the main reason behind it. this is not due to any specific charger or old battery, the problem is with charging socket. just contact any local mobile repairing shoppe and ak him to change the socket it will charge 100-150 rs and phn vl be working fine.

I Faced same problem..... I have Connet the charger in mobile.. View the Simple of Charging ........But NOT INCREASING PERCENTAGE.... I have using Samsung charger....I try multiple charger but same problem.... Pls help me

My yureka was working properly. I put it to charging one day but dont know what happened battery percentage was decreasing instead of going up although it was showing that phone is charging. I have not done any new flashing at that tym. Now the phone is complete charging in switched off mode too. What should I do and how to contact customer support to claim replacement if no other solution is there?

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