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Why won't the Huawei Honor Holly connect to Wi-Fi properly?

I have wifi problem in Huawei Honor holly mobile. How can i solve this problem? Its doesnot connect properly. Always i got this connection problem?

my honor holly mobile not working wifi and to solve this problem


my device is honor holly, when i turning wifi on setting even in norification bar it's not responding i try restarting my phone but it doesn't work how to fix this problem?

i have honor holly , bt wifi is not responding 

already lot of times restart , switchoff, evrything done bt no response , it will blink blink

other than restart that , say good solution

On my phone i connect wifi its work 1month than i agan connect wifi its show save and security i try 1 hour than its not work i switch of my phone than also its work now 10 days became also not work what to do now......?

my problem is My phone Huawei ascend p6 and Most of the time i press on the wi fi but no response..

i buy new honor 2 plus yesterday (06/06/2016).wi-fi not connected.i am also try restart phone,setting oppition .but not use.

I'm using Honor 4C, I used to have this problem like my phone connects to WiFi but I can't browse the net in any of the apps. It always showed no internet connection but It was connected in the settings. I once chose to reset the phone which helped and after a long time the same thing repeated and Now I tried "forget the network and restarting the phone" which actually worked. Thanks Carl P

Hey everybody, the fix that worked for me was turning off the function that checks if the wifi network has internet access, (should be under wireless advanced settings). This allowed me to connect to whichever network I'd like without the phone automatically disconnecting.

in my mobile h u19 wifi is not connectiong frm last two days wat is the problem plz solve my problem urgent to me waiting reply.

My WiFi option is not working its greyed out I have restarted my phone but no luck. It was working last week but now its not. Any help

Every time i start up my wifi, it will not connect to the router even though the password is saved. To fix this, i've installed Wifi Manager, i just tap on the Wifi Manager widget, tap on that particular wifi and - Connect. Device will successfully connect every time

ibought 2 plus on feb 28,2016.wifi is perfect if everything is correct

i too face this problem , besides i have Samsung phone no issues with it . so clearly says its a manufacture defect of holy phone . i am filing a class action suite .who all want to join me , pls email me . we shall ask for holy 2 plus, new phone as replacement or demand money.


I had this problem with Honor Holly wifi that it worked for some time and then stopped, after trying to reconnect it just failed to do so. i haD to restart my phone to get wifi connection working again, which got annoying. i switched "wi-fi optimization" and and "scanning always available" to off, and after that it connects to the wifi every time.

Honar 4.3 for 2 card use mec or mpt usemobile no need i am only one 2g use for 3g what make setting change using sar .


my honor mobile wifi On and off button not responding. wifi is not getting connecting. status tells turning on wifi nothing happening please help me resolve the issue

Download WiFi fixer app. It fixed this issue


when am using wifi watching the video on youtube suddenly it disconnects and says obtaining adress it never connect till restart plzz probe me just 1 day used new mobile

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