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Why won't my Alcatel A392G send pictures to my computer?

I have some pictures I took recently with my cell phone and when I tried to email them to my computer, the cell phone could not seem to send them.

galen crandall

Where is a "data cable" available and what is the part number if it applies? Is there a picture avavailable of the "data cable"?

Yes, you can just transfer them to your PC using a data cable. You can also move those photos to SD card (if you have) and use a card reader to access it in your PC.

I'd like to know the answer to this question as well. One tim in the past I took the little memory disc out of the phone and inserted that in my laptop to download the photos. Would be nice to just transfer them over a cable

Can I transfer pictures from my Alcatel A392G to my home computer via usb cable connection

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