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Why does the battery of Samsung Galaxy Ace II X run out fast?

Why the battary ran-out so fast (after 1.5 year) specialy if I play games it takes only 1 hour?

Hi, we aren't exactly sure why your battery gets depleted very fast now but the fact that you play games does contribute a lot to it. When you are playing games, it's like all parts of the phone are hard at work. From the processor, to the memory, to the screen, and even the speakers. If you are playing online games, the wireless antennas are consuming power as well. All of this contributes to a battery being drained very fast. All of this is normal. If you want to be able to extend your battery life somehow, we suggest getting a separate battery pack, and treating it as a backup unit. That way, when your primary battery runs out of juice, you can use your backup one and keep using the phone. Hope this helps!

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