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What causes sudden shut down when battery goes below 30% on the BlackBerry Z10?

My BlackBerry z10 device is turned off when it's battery's percentage less then 30%... why it turns off.???

Team,mobile getting hung when app is running, by default mobile getting restarted ,plz suggest me for best alternative and do the needful


My phone is getting hang,i mean sometimes it becomes swithed off,for no reason,and when I go to switch it again it wont gets on,i need to charge it again from 0 percent,plz can anyone give me solution for dis prblm

Your battery is not calibrated with the phone, therefore showing a different battery level on the screen. I found a solution on one forum where some users stated that it worked for them:

"when your mobile goes off plug the charger in and charge it for 20 min and then with your OEM charger plugged in remove the battery there will be blink of red light and a battery logo on the screen leave it as such for 1 min then plug the battery in it will reset your on device battery meter. Do it 2 to 3 times a day for few days it will correct your on device meter ,,

and for the second thing you said it start charging from 50 percent for this when your mobile goes off remove the battery remove sim and sd card ... And leave the battery out for and hour or more ... Be sure your device goes off it means your battery is fully discharged ... Now after an hour plug the battery in then press the power button for 3 sec then leave .. Then again press the button for 10 second then leave then press the button for 1 mint then leave ... Your mobile will not turn on as the battey is fully discharged ... Now simply plug the charger and do nothing after sometime you will see your mobile turns on and it will be charging from 0 and goes to 100 percent"

Do it at your own risk. Good luck. Let us know how it goes in few days time.


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