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Why does the Sony Xperia Z1 easily overheat?

I want to know if my mobile gets damaged due to overheating problem does it gets replaced as it is in warranty period?

hi my sony z1 is over heating like iron box... pls anyone solve the problem....

Supun Rathnayaka
Supun Rathnayaka

how to fix xperia z1 overheat

Hi Dave! If your Sony Xperia Z1 does get damaged to a point where you can't use it anymore, it should be covered by your warranty if not for an outright replacement then at least for a repair.

Smartphones typically start to get hot when they are running a lot of resource-intensive tasks like HD games or playing HD movies. Even just using the phone with the display set to full brightness can also lend to a phone heating up during use.

You could work around such issues easily by turning down the brightness or choosing lower graphics settings for games if possible. But unless you are using your device in a place where it's too hot as indicated in the user manual, you wouldn't need to worry about overheating; these things are normally tested and made sure to withstand certain amounts of heat for certain periods of time.

Check out the user manual by going to our official Sony Xperia Z1 page on our web site and making your way to the bottom of the page.

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