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Why does the Huawei Ascend Y100 keep on vibrating when touching the screen?

Hey, Its not hepatic feed back. I dont know why but my phone also vibrates and keeps popping the keyboard even when am not in a place that a keyboard is required. What could be the problem.

Allan Shalless

Under settings > device > Sound > down to system > select vibrate on touch

Here's additional information I found -- To turn this on/off haptic feedback feature on your device go into Settings. Scroll to "Language & Keyboard." Choose "Android keyboard" or "Android keyboard settings." From here you should see the options to turn on "Vibration on keypress" or "Sound on keypress." Hope this helps. Good luck!

Hi Josephine. Does your phone vibrate continuously or just when you touch the screen? If it happens only when you touch the screen, then that is haptic feedback. The purpose of haptic feedback is to denote that you have pressed a touchscreen button. I did check the user manual, but there's nothing in there about haptic feedback. Check your notification settings as it can usually be found in there.

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