Sherry Rennison

Why did the LG Keybo get discontinued?

This phone has cost me nothing but money.... I bought this phone outright and use pay and talk. It honestly randomly turns on either from your pocket, purse case, with the slightest tap and speed dials your paid minutes away, I have lost money minutes on several occasions, It will freeze, shuts off and on for no apparent reason, will randomly shut off in the middle of a text or call. In my opinion no cell phone should be able to have the ability to unlock itself. Extremely poor volume control phone. One must hold the opposite ear so they can get a bit more of a volume from there caller. cuts in and out with poor reception must have a lot to do with the poor volume control. I purchased extended warranty for this phone, only to find out that all the said complaints are not covered by the warranty. More added money.... I have owned my own phones over time and this one was the most expensive, that I had purchased out of four cheaper ones, and the one that is rated poor to the poorest. I'm very disappointed in the quality of service that I've received with this model, and feel that whoever is responsible for this (LG Keybo) should come clean on there product. So there really has to be a reason that this cell phone wasn't on the self very long, I just hope that I'll get a honest answer. If this should be directed else where for a proper answer would you please direct me onto the right path.

Sherry Rennison

Hi Sherry. Contact LG directly as they would provide the best explanation on why the LG Keybo has now been discontinued.

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