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Why can't I forward text messages on Samsung Galaxy Core Prime?

I found the answer to our core prime forwarding a text, thought we didn't have that option bur here is a good tutorial on how to do it.   It's easy.  Just touch and hold the text message you want to forward and the options come up for it.  It's a different set of options than the ones under "more".  once you get the option window just click forward and send.  Here is the tutorial page to view:

We don't have the forwarding option on core prime.   Is there ano app we can download for core prime texting?

U go to the message you wanna forward tap on the message just right til u see the message turn a darker color then all the options will come up like forward and then it will ask u if u want to forward it through text,email and so on.if you don't click on it just right at first just click on the white part outside the message and try again but you do have to hold your finger on the message as it turns darker for a couple of seconds.

Hi Kljohnson. What happens when you try to forward a text message? Do you get an error? If you do, please let us know what it says.

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