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I've got a cat s50 and I've got to replace the scr

Where to get replacement screen for the CAT S50?

Chris Sellors
Chris Sellors
I bought a cat s50 from headtech and received it on Friday 18th March 2016, today 29th of March got my phone out of my wastecoat which I was wearing and my screen has stopped working, it's black with all these coloured lines on it. How do I get this fixed asap . Is there a cat tech/repair person near Manchester as Im losing work and classic car sales. Please get back to me soon as please Chris Sellors 29 th March 2016

Hi there. Found one in ebay for $28.93. Visit the listing on ebay on this link: click here

I've got to replace my screen but one of the screwed is staying to round out. Does anyone know where I can get a new one?

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