What to do when the Lenovo IdeaTab A1000 freezes and does not respond to anything?

What to do? It is a black screen and writes lenovo

I did a soft and then a hard factory reset on my Lenovo a1000 tablet and now the screen is frozen on the Lenovo screen and it says factory mode down the right side vertically. It will not turn off. Please help!

i have reset factory default in lenovo a1000 tab. when reboot its asking for the region to select and lenovo agreement to accept. then asks for the wifi connection but not connecting says some error and again goes to the same region to select menu. kindly let me know how to fix it or where to get it fixed. thanking you


I have a Lenevo Idea Tab s6000. suddenly it was hanged and what ever I tried I could not turn it on once again.Even I pressed power on/off button with volume button, both but nothing happened. what I should do now?

My tab will suddenly restart itself, especially when you are playing, music, game or browing on internet. What should I do?

Please look at the button provided on right most corner of memory card slot. User a nidle or pin to press that small button for 10 seconds. You tab will be shut down and then restart the tab as per normal restart process. it will start working.

Follow below link if you are not able to find the button.


My tab too is stopping but at the first lenovo sign gonna try recovery rom

naveen kumar
naveen kumar

My tab was hanging when open games and play store what is the solution

my lenovo ab is screen is working automatily how can i fix this issue by my own self

Try first - Wipe Data / Factory Reset (Soft / Hard Reset):
!!! This will erase all your data !!!
Second - Flash Recovery Stock ROM:

Sorry for the mistake! This is the correct link:


Solution - lenovo IdeaTab A1000 - Wipe Data / Factory Reset (Soft / Hard Reset)



wait for sometime like about 20 seconds. if not ,then press the power on/off button for 10 seconds.

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