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What's a good reason for a phone to lose its signal strength?

Samsung Rugby owners have been complaining about the phone's poor signal which lead to calls from being constantly dropped. Neither AT&T and Samsung could explain the poor cell signal. Source

But in general, here's a good explanation why a phone loses signal strength:

Each phone tower covers an area (called a cell) that is small in urban areas, where there are a lot of towers and a lot of users, and larger in sparsely populated areas. When you move from one tower’s coverage area into another tower’s cell, the first tower hands you over to the new one. It is almost instantaneous and under normal circumstances you will not know that it happened. Occasionally, there is a glitch and the handoff does not occur. Your phone is still connected to a tower, but the tower is too far away for you to get sufficient signal strength. When you turn your phone off, it disconnects from the network. When you turn it back on, it searches for the strongest signal. Source

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