Sol Magdalyn Redula

What does "Process system not responding" mean on the Lenovo A536?

Every time i turn on the phone, it took me some time to have it started before I see this message "Process system not responding". What's wrong with this phone. It also hangs a lot. Thanks!

Hi Sol. Try this:

|Wait 30 seconds after the message appears
Click close and then verify, by turning screen on and off, that the device is not frozen.
Open the battery door and take the battery out for 3 seconds
Replace the battery and cover
Hold volume down and press power, keeping the volume key pressed.
Select recovery using volume down, and press power.
Use volume down to scroll to Advanced
Press power to select.
Repeat selection process for wipe dalvik-cache, followed by fix permissions
Press back to return to the main menu, where reboot device should be selected.
Press power to reboot
Thank your Android device for complying.


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