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What does "Playback Error" mean on the LG CF360 and how do you correct this?

This is a cf360. It only vibrates when it rings. Volume is set on 7 but still just vibrates. When I push the tone it comes up as Playback error. What is causing this?

  • LG CF360LG CF360

"Playback Error" may be caused by the following:
1. Corrupted files in the Media Library / corrupted memory card
2. Duplicate files in the same location.
3. Phone memory is running low and unable to effectively play music.

Steps to possible solve this error:
1. Delete duplicate files
2. Move all picture, music and other files from phone memory to memory card.
3. Restart phone
4. Restore factory settings
5. Reformat memory card
6. Remove card and put it back while phone is on. source

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