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How can you download wallpapers on the Kyocera KE424C?

Hi! I figured out how to make and download my own ringtones (yay! :D) with my new KE424C, using the phone's web browser, but I haven't found anything about wallpapers :( Can anyone here help me? I tried .bmp .jpg .gif .png but none worked :(

Must it be uploaded in binary or ascii format? I don't know, but I think pictures and other files are not uploaded the same way on a ftp server...

BTW, My phone is from Telus.

I'm on telus with the kyocera 494lc and i'm not able to download ringtones...tried different things and also i cannot download images either.....could you tell me how you did it with your browser???thanks

I have the same problem, could someone help us?

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