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Volume control adjustment

My Easyfone Prime A1 Pro, 4g volume control says 9 but is extremely low. How can I make it louder

Hi Nikki. Thanks fore replying. Would love to hear from you again if it's just the speaker being broken or the phone really has a low ring volume compared to other phones.

Nikki G

No, the ring tone is fine. The problem is the volume of the person on the other end of the call. I tested it with various callers and the problem is consistent.

Nikki G

Thank you for your response to my question. I have raised the volume on the unit to 9. Although I have fairly good hearing, I still can barely make out what is being said unless they shout. The sound is low and muffled with a variety of different calls.  I would rather not contend with earphones every time I receive a call. Going back to the old phone. Returning this one tomorrow.

Hi Nikki. Is it the ring volume? If you already maxed it and you still think it's not loud enough, can you try choosing a different ringtone. If it's about the earpiece, I suggest using earphones.

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