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Is it possible to use MP3 music as ringtone on the Motorola V710?

i bought the v710 to use as an mp3 player, and there have been endless problems, the biggest being that the card does not stay in the slot, and has to be constantly pushed down or else the music wont play, and the phone will freeze, and can only be restarted by removing the battery.

i also have a question- with the v710, is it possible to use your own mp3 files as ringotnes, and if so, how?

1. In Message Center choose: Create Message/New Pix Message.

2. The To: dialoge box comes up. Use a bogus number such as 222-222-2222.

3. Now you are in Message Body. Choose Insert/Sound. You will probably get the annoying Chain Link.mp3 as default.

4. Hit menu (the middle soft key). Select Switch Storage Device . Select Trans Flash. Select the mp3 file you want.

NOTE: You might get a message that says the file is too big. That's probably because it is. To solve this problem, I simply compressed the MP3 file to 64kbps (you can't tell the difference in sound quality). You can compress MP3's using any sound editing program (I used Sound Forge 7). I'm not sure how big of a file you can do this with. I was able to load a COMPRESSED 32 second MP3 (272kb in total size) and had no problems whatsoever.

These MP3's, however, will still be stored in the phone's memory. So leave some space and you'll be fine.

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