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UMX u683cl won't stay charged

This is a new lifeline phone. In less than 24Hrs after it shows a full charge it's dead. It's not activated yet so it isn't being used. It's turned off the whole time. I've charged it each morning for the past week & it's still dead in less than 24hrs. 

This UNIT has caused me a MENTIAL COLLAPSE!  Most of the symbols and icons are from Pluto ... and the "A & Q's" are nonexistent???  The UNIT does not keep a CHARGE???

I CANNOT -- REMOVE applications on the menu, sometimes two same apps affixed to my menu??????????  How can I get one of these KILLERS for my EX-WIFE!!!!

Hi Mike. Looks like you received a faulty unit. Take it back/send it to the store where you bought it for repairs.

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