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How to fix keyboard touch problem on the Lenovo K3 Note?

In lenova k3 note.
Problem in touch pad to typing. I have to force to type single word. Main problem in side of phone which key is there.

Randomly apps are getting selected and they open on their own,  touch is not working properly. Please suggest what to do?

Lenova k3 note screen problems facing by all.  Same issues with my phone that the BACK BUTTON AND HOME not working


I am using lenevo k3 note mobile.screen right side  corner touch is not working.  How to solve for this problem? 

Please help me

Am also facing the same pblm ... Right and left both sides  of the keypad doesn't works.. Could anyone plz suggest me on the touch pblm ..

Also disable spell checker at Language & Input. It seems that typing app includes also contact names in word spelling, so this task slow down typing, especially if the phone book is extensive. Now my phone works perfectly.

Touch screen problem in my Lenovo k3 note mobile phone. Not working properly

I also. Face this problem

same issue here the right side touch pad doesnt work at all and this is happenings after i installed marshmellow. Even restart doesnt help its frustrating becuase i cannot type p,o l and back button whats more frustrating is i cannot open any apps which is on the right side of my screen unless i hold it for about 5 secs rediculous i have probably dropped the phone once or twice that was long time back

Not response touch why this is my problem please solve

Im using lenovo k3 note. Not only keypad touch problem. In opera mini bottom left corner(back arrow, closing button touch not working properly).. Many times it comes in a day... After a keypad lock then working What is prblm? I'm facing the problem from the date of purchase Hw to solve?

I face some problems in k3 note like left upper side of screen re touch automatically.after reset it comes I reset my phone 3 times but it comes.i used my phone from 7 months

Some time keyboard not working properly

my menu & back button is not working

Lenovo k3 touch problem left said not working

I have purchased k3 note on 21 Jan 2016 from flipkart. From last 1 week I am facing problem of back and home buttons not working....please help me what to do

Can we trust update k3 note with marshmallow update is it fine? Heard it is not proper apps are not working

And I'm using lenovo k3 note only and the letters are freezed liked n the phone has fallen by mistake

I have a problem in my keyboard it has fallen for the third time & the letters dnt work at all I'm having a lot of problem can you plz suggest what should I do?

hiii i m using lenovo k3.with marshmellow vrsn.prblm is that when ever i m used my phn.keypad and touch both get only if touch many times or restart or put it on airplane mode.and again normal mode.basically touch nt used after 2 3 hour use.or aftr useing heavy app.kindly give a solution

Hi..I am using Lenovo K3 Note and Its Left side Touch screen ( Back botton to above this side not working.........Plz give the solution.......

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