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How to set date and time on the Alcatel A392G?

on the Big Button Flip A392G for straight talk I am not finding how to set the clock on the phone. I am waiting on activation with moving over a number. How do I set the clock and date on this phone?

I did not need to remove the battery.  I just turned the phone off.  When I turned it back on, it automatically adjusted for daylight savings time.

Just turn the power off, then back on and the time will update automatically.

taking out the battery and replacing it after a few seconds worked for me , just as B Z Dick suggested.

Please notify me when somebody can answer this. How to set the date and time on the A392g tracfone...

Pop the battery and replace it after a few seconds. Restart the phone and it will pick up the new time. I just did it because mine didn't change to DST automatically. It worked!!

My ALCATEL phone did not correct its time for the Spring leap forward. Like Tim above, I can NOT change the actual time setting at the 'Time and Date' menu.

I tried following the directions given: settings; phone settings; date and time. it shows the time format in a box 12 or 24...I selected 12. Below it has the input for the date...tried to input a date and nothing changes in that box. There does not seem to be anyway to select the actual time. Very unfriendly phone!



Hi Karen, do you have a copy of the user manual? On page 37 of the Alcatel A392G user manual, there is a section titled Setting the Date and Time. Here's what it says:

Allows you to set the date and time in 12H or 24H format.

You can also set the daylight saving adjustment.

From the main menu, select Settings > Phone settings > Date and time.

Follow the above instructions and see if you can make it work. Hope this helps!

You can find out more about this phone by visiting our Alcatel A392G page on the web site.

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