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Is the Samsung X426 worth buying?

What is this x426 that they advertise at rogers... Is it worth buying?

I went to rogers yesterday and asked what the difference between the S307 and x426..

I only got to realize that it's the external screen for the extra $100 (sort of..)

Not only to realize but it is kinda samsung that spends a lot of money of LCD (or TFT) screens...

Well, after all it's samsung... They make great stuff!

Well u c the x426 is a no frills fone with nothing special except kewl ringtones and a color display, it gets good reception and has excellent call clarity but the drawbacks are : lack of accessories (although theoretically you could buy some accessories from Bell Mobility, they have 2 models which are similar to the x-426 but not 4 sure)
As well to the lack of accessories there is a feature problem, there r not 2 many programs or games taking advantage of the wonderful screen,if you want features and dont mind a so-so camera and so-s0 display
then go for the V220 from Motorola. :lol: :D :shock: :wink:

This phone isn't that great... I saw a friend of mine who has this and it's not really a 'great' phone.. There's not much into it... Aside from being small, and having a 65K color into it... No exciting stuff plus samsung make all their phones look alike,, nothing different when a new phone comes out... same software... But well, at least it works right?

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