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Where can you download polyphonic ringtones for the Samsung a680?


Today I just got a Samsung SPH-a680 from MTS Mobility (I live in Winnipeg, MB), and, I must say that this is quite the upgrade from my old cellphone (Motorola 120c). I am just wondering if anyone knows any good sites for free polyphonic ringtones that would support my phone?


hmm..yes the data cable will be the cheapest way to go for getting ringtones and wallpapers (Long term investment speaking).

For teh USB cable FAQ, I would check the Samsung website and see if there are any updates for the program or even a driver for the USB. Most of the time it will be plug and play, but sometimes it will require specific drivers for it to run properly.


Join ( is an awesome site! For $7 USD one time only, you get access to thousands of ringers, images and more. YOu can also convert sound files to MP3 or other palying formats that will load onto your phone. You can also upload images and ringers right off your computer to your phone. I've been using it for about 4 months now, it's great!

okay so I have a usb cable but am not having any luck finding software that is compatible with it.. can you help me out here.. I can be reached at 795-5184 after 6 when it is free.. if you wouldn't mind.. james kowerko. thank you

you should buy a USB-PC cable , and the included CD will include thousands of ringtone (yes in my case), and you will save $$ on files transfer

the process is not so easy thugh !

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