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How to install apps to the memory card of the Samsung Galaxy Rush?

Just purchased it today...
Put a 15 gig sd card in.
The apps i used before use to beable to
Put on the external sd card.. now serve
No reson to have the external if unable to use it
The problem needs to be fixed.

Edmond Waite

having problems downloading from my t599 Galaxy exhibit her from going to my sd card can to SD card is mounted but it will not go from the eternal to the SD card I'm having problems with that I don't know how to do it every time one time before but now it won't work so I need help and understanding how to transfer all my internal to the SD card so I will have space on the other game so if you could help me be greatly appreciated I am calling you from my father acti 599 Galaxy exhibit or I'm saying this but you can get me at my email on my galaxy exhibit or 399

I dwnloaded the ez droid app and it doesnt tell me how to tranfer the apps to sd card

HaZeD Conroy

Just as an FYI, the Galaxy series phones (Including the Samsung Galaxy Rush) are not compatible with the App 2 SD app. You will want the EZ Droid App from the Google Play Store. If you install App 2 SD it will say it is not compatible with your device but has recommended apps to maximize storage. That is where I found the EZ Droid App and it seems like a good app with task killing and system status screens. Hope this helps everyone else looking to use their Micro SD as the storage location for Apps!

How can I move my games to my sd card on a samsong galaxy rush?

I've been having the same problem. There is an icon on your phone called "My Files." With you SD card in, it'll say extSDCard and sdcard. You can go to the sdcard and move whatever you want from there to the extSDCard. I literally just figured this out after nothing else working. I'm not sure how the apps work (if you can move them individually, together, or at all) but you can move all the music and stuff to the external. Hope this helps!

You can download App 2 SD from Google Play which will let you move your installed app in the phone memory to your memory card.

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