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Has anyone had a problem with the microphone of the Samsung a670?

Hello. I am on my third a670 (due to contract w/ provider no choice but to get the same phone unless I want to pay full price). One phone was lost, two exchanged for new phones because after about three months of use callers are unable to hear me speaking. It seems that the mic stops working at about that time. My local Verizon store tells me they have never had this phone returned for this particular problem. With the exception of this quite annoying, inconvenient problem I like the phone.

Has anyone else had this problem where you can barely be heard by your callers?

Thank you for any insight you might be able to provide.

Thats very funny cause i had a strange thing happen to my samsumg. I was shopping with my grandmother and all of a sudden what looked like a two headed gerbal jumped out of my phone and started nibbling on my grandmothers face. I think the batteries are faulty. My grandmother is fine now she looks like robocop

yes I had this exact same problem with my phone(with Telus), exchanged it once, same thing, sent it off for repair, apparently they did a software upgrade and replaced the mic, 1st call, the other party says I cut out ever 5 sec, this lasted for the entire 25 min call. I will bring it back tomorrow and request another make/model, as thsi phone seems useless. I've done some other research and on other forums it seems other people are having similar issues

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