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What are the requiements for cell plans contract?

My son is internation student and under 18 years old and can he make cell plans contract by himself?

If can please help me clear about cell plan, i undertand that i can sign the contract for 1 or 2 years with constant payment/month and after time contract the cell phone will belong to me and the cell phone can use on the world?

    Hi Kiet. Here are the identification requirements from Bell (should be similar for other carriers):

    Identification requirements

    The following information must be provided to complete a new wireless activation.

    1. Legal name(full first name, middle initial and last name)
    2. Date of birth (must be the age of majority)
    3. Current Canadian address
    4. Valid contact phone number
    5. One of the following :
    • Canadian driver's license
    • Social insurance number + valid government-issued photo ID
    • Major Canadian credit card + valid government-issued photo ID

    Valid government-issued photo ID consist of the following:

    • Canadian passport
    • Canadian citizenship card
    • Indian status identity card
    • British Columbia's combined driver's license and services card
    • Provincial photo ID (excluding Nunavut and Québec)
    • Foreign passport
    • Permanent resident card


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