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Where to buy replacement parts for Kobo Arc 7HD?

Hello i have problem whit charger port on my kobo arc 7 hd so I need any link where can I buy just new charger port to my kobo for replace.

Hi I can't change my tablet up because the plug inside is broken off. Where or how do I get it fixed

Hi hi my charger in the in the Kobo 7 has broken off inside do you know where I can get a new one thank you I live in the Oshawa area thank you again

Hi Lukas! Although you may be positive that the charger port is the only part of your Kobo Arc 7HD that has a problem, it is something that is often connected to something else that is much bigger (i.e. the mainboard). With that said, you can check out for parts. Just start a search for your device and look for all the items that come up afterwards.

Have you considered sending in your device for repairs yet? Is it no longer under warranty? For info on ohw you can reach out to Kobo for service, you may check out the official web site here:

We hope this info helps you fix your Kobo Arc 7HD!

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