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What to do with Nokia Asha 501 if touch screen is experiencing problem?


I have Nokia Asha 501 since 2 years.
Its screen touch is not working where calling button appear at the last of screen when i do the call,
where cancel button appear at the last of screen when any call come,
where save button appear at the last of screen when i add any contact,
where Done button appear at the last of screen when i set the alarm,
where plus button appear at the last of screen when i try to write a new message.

means last area of breadth of screen is not working.
rest of the area of mobile screen is working.
I have also removed some apps from the system files.
I have also removed its screen guard. and reset the phone. but same problem persist.

please suggest solution to recover this problem.


Same problem of my Nokia Aska 501 here need help. I was hang up now because i tried to reset but stuck-up due to the problem that needs to confirm

I am also using asha 501 and it is with me for more then 2 years but not a single damage is there . As Vignesh Mariappan has said that it may be bacause of recent update of fireware, so it is wrong i am using the latest one which is 14.0.4


what to do ...i am facing exactly same issue .

Hi Singh_20861,
I'm also facing the exact issue . Bottom horizontal area is not working , so not able to disconnect the call after we done with call . Not able to select the apps at the bottom of the screen . When i inquired in nearest Nokia service center, they are asking for 1500 Rs to replace the touch since it is issue with touch screen. Please let me know if you got any solution for the above issue .

Note : This issue came exactly after 2 years as like you are facing . May be it is because of recent updates of firmware .

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