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Why does the Huawei Inspira restart when on a call?

When I'm talking, never know when it's going to happen or if it will happen, it vibrates or I hear a rugged buzz and look at my screen and see it is booting up. I lose the contacts call info in the recent calls log and have to wait for it to boot to call them back, if I know their number, if not I have to hope they call me. It has happened ever since I've owned it, I have just been dealing with it, because I do not want to be without it if I sent it in for repairs. just putting up with it, will prob. just get new phone, but I really like everything, EXCEPT FOR THE LACK OF MEMORY.

No, that isn't the problem, it has done it since I got it. It can go days without doing it and some times I can talk for an hour without it doing it, other times it's only a few minutes. Completely random. The only time it does it when I'm not talking to someone is when I set it on the table to hard bumping the edge or bump it (but not always) putting it in my purse or something. if I try to make it happen, it won't do it. Yes, battery connections seem fine.
I am low on space all the time, have very few apps installed, I hate the memory or shall I say lack of memory with this phone, I can't even update things because of it.

Did you install anything before that happened? Try uninstalling it and see if the problem occurs again.

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