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kaung myat linn

Why does the Sony Xperia M5 automatically shutdown and SIM 1 won't work?

I have the sony xperia m5 E5663 in myanmar.Sim slot 1 cannot sense any sim sometimes.It said me no sim card no service although I put the 3g sim card and 2g sim card in each slot.It also shut dowm automatically often. How can I fix it.

You will need to install the firmware again


My SIM1 is fine but i too had auto shutdown issues. Regardless of a well charged battery, it always required a charging cable connected to 'jumpstart' the phone. The M5 seems to have some issues with its Preferred Network Type especially when you go into an area where there is a drop in LTE signal. Go to Settings > More > Mobile Networks > Preferred Network Type and select GSM only. Your cellular data signal will be crippled but the phone wont auto shutdown again.

Mine also have the same issue, suddenly shut down and I have to connect the charger in order to turn it on, lagging and heating problem. But after I done the hard reset method, it works..!! Been using it for 3 weeks after the hard reset and so far no problem. Just follow the steps in the link.
# third method - Install PC companion (Sony) then reinstall the firmware.

Good luck!!

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