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Where can I get a replacement screen for Motorola Moto G in Chennai?

I was broken my Moto G screen glass, but display is working as can i get display glass? i am staying in chennai.

I have purchased and been using moto g4 plus since 1 yr and I have observed and facing an abnormal problem i.e "ghost touch " Whenever I charge the device, during charging the touch does not work, it functions on its own

My moto g is 3 Rd gen. Turbo edition is screen damage to cost of screen online price is 2750 and Motorola service  sentar price is 6000 rs. My phone is 20 deta old n I complained to moto company

My motor g 1st gen motherboard has crashed but display is working good and no scratches on the screen. Contact me if interested

how much does it cost to replace motorola moto G2 touch screen in gurgaon??

Sir my moto g 1st gen mobile screen z damaged nd touch z working properly.. may know d price of screen plss..??

Hi I need motog 1st gen Motherboard old or new (working) , please contact me


you can find the moto service centres when you log in this website

thanks Carl!!!

I got my moto repaired.

A suggeston to the users, sometimes when the screen is broken, mother board gets effected.

So, it is better u better get your moto's mother board checked before ur phone gets repaired.

om parkash patel
om parkash patel

my MOTOG2ND GEN GLASS IS BROKEN . I need help. Service centers cost of screen glass

My Moto g2 mobile screen is broken today.
Can any one tell me the cost to replace the screen.
If so, please give the adrs of the service centre.
is laptronics present in hyderabad?

Moto G 3rd Gen (XT 1550) screen physical damage to be replaced. Only display as cracked but all features still works as desired including touchscreen. I need to know what is the cost replacing the screen and where can i replace in bangalore. Thanks,

i have buy new moto g3 and broken display, please suggest me where can i get display in pune.

My moto x2 touch is broken when it is in my poket and its in warranty. Is it replaced by customer care or it will charged me for change the touch of my mobile and tell me its cost......

My moto g glass was broken. But touch screen and display working properly.
How much amount to replace glass???

Anyone interested in selling moto g 1st gen with broken screen contact me.

Hi I am ranganath my moto g 3gen screen was broken,phone was purchased on 15.09.15 last week.
But it is working.I need only gorrilla glass please give me some solution.
I am from bellary, karnataka.

my MOTOG2ND GEN GLASS IS BROKEN . I need help. Service centers cost of screen glass

my moto g2 3rd gen front glass is broken but display is working...but the service dealers saying that should replace the display and front screen...i need only the front goriilla glass...please give me some solutions...i am from kerala


My Motorola moto g is cracked in glass how do replace and need price ,now i am in coimbatore


Hi guys, broken my moto G3 screen, many cracks in screen. But touch and display working properly. How to replace the screen??

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