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Why won't the LG Optimus L70 connect to 4G data?

I just got a LG Optimus l70 and was going to go to youtube for some music but it said it was not connecting to the server. The Play store and google chrome say this as well. The wifi works perfectly fine with connecting to the apps but when it is just on the data its self the apps will not connect. I have only had this phone for about a week now and love it but I have tried everything to get the data to connect with the apps again. Any thoughts? Thanks.

  • LG Optimus L70LG Optimus L70

Im having the same problem so i called my phone company and they didn't help at all but they said the area has 4G coverage. I can still text but my apps will not work without wifi

Hmm.. Maybe you're not in a 4G coverage area. Which carrier are you with? You might want to check their coverage area to see if there's 4G in your place.

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