My Kobo Arc is frozen. What can I do?

Won't even turn off. It is fully charged. Help?

   My KOBO arc HD 10.1 stuck on boot screen and I tried pressing power button for 20 seconds and power button and volume up button for 20 second...nothing works....any other solutions?

Steve Ballance

My KoboArc got a virus which couldn't be removed. To do a factory reset, I switched off the Kobo, then pressed, and kept pressed, the 'on/off' and the 'volume up' buttons at the same time. After a few seconds, my Kobo 'booted up' in a factory reset. Virus gone !!

When turning on my Kobo I get a bright white screen that reads Kobo Arc 7 HD. It freezes on this screen. I have tried the various suggestions above without any luck.

My Kobo Arc is frozen due to malware. How do I boot it up in safe mode and/or do a basic reset?

No this did not work for me.

My kobo arc frozen on the first screen " kobo arc, screen tryed to switch it on or off don't not go anywhere? Do I need to reopen in the back? Need to reset some how. Please help

I think my kobo arc 7 is done for. My screen goes black. Tried everything today and finally pressing the volume up button woke it up. Plus my screen goes fuzzy.


My Kobo Arc was working fine when I took it to a book club the other night ( though I may have been playing Angry Birds a little too often--who knows what those ads do!?). Anyway, when I got it home, it wouldn't turn on. Couldn't believe it was uncharged but plugged it in--still wouldn't turn on but I got the battery symbol. Finally, by holding the power button, I got it to the opening Tapestry screen but then the Power Off window opened (perhaps bc I had held the power button too long) and it shut itself off. Then it refused to stay on again--could rarely get it to the swirling bubbles screen, but never beyond that before it went black.

Called Kobo and, after some tries, we got to the Reset screen. She had me select the "wipe data/cache partition" which the machine did (it still does) but while I was asking how to choose the "reboot system" that was then highlighted, the thing shut itself off. Though we could get back to that "Android reset" screen again and again, whenever I would choose "reboot", it would go to the Kobo Arc sign page and then shut itself off again. The phone helper didn't have much knowledge, so she dismissed me with an "it's not under warranty". By myself, I went back in, wiped both data/cache and cache partition again (several times--which it will do bc it's not dead in there--and then went straight to reboot and selected that with the power button. Once again--Kobo Arc screen--and then it shuts itself off.

After playing with a combination of buttons for different lengths of time, it finally went to the "cogs" screen where it has stayed and the power light is flashing blue. I really do think there's some way I could wake it up fully and reboot but Kobo just expects me to buy a new one. It's plugged in and I like to think of it as in a light coma.

Can someone help me wake it up?

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