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Why are the internet apps on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7-inch not working?

My internt apps arn't working even though I have a strong internet connection? I don't know why it's doing this...Though it is a tablet, I have no idea what type of model it is. PLEASE help!

Galaxy tab 3 Android version 4.1.2 models-T210

I had to reset my Galaxy tab 3 because a BT ad had frozen on screen. But now I can not get into internet even though it is showing that I am connected. Also because I have had this tablet a while have forgotten all the relevant passwords

Are you sure you are connected on your network already? Try visiting random pages to see if your tablet is already connected. I would like to help you more, but I need to know which Samsung tablet you are using. To check what model you have, Open Settings > About phone > scroll down and check what's under Model number.

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