Keith howell

Why did headphones stopped working on the Kyocera Hydro Wave?

My headphones stopped working for no reason it only place for the phone is there something I can do my headphones stopped working for no reason only plays the phone with them I can do?

Carl p you are getting on my nerves. I've read multiple complaints about head phones not working on the Kyocera hydro wave. Its a common problem. The device fails to play audio through the audio jack. Instead it plays through the phone only. I personally have used multiple sets of head phones on my device and they do not work on this device only. I personally will never buy another phone made by Kyocera. Their devices are inferior.

Hi keith. Sorry, can you please describe or add more info about the problem? I'm having a hard time understanding what happened or how the problem happened.

If the headphones just stopped working all of a sudden, maybe a wire on the headphones snapped.

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