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Has anyone experienced problems making a phone call with the Motorola v220?

Sunday 3rd July 12.09pm uk

Hi, I got a Motorola V220 on Friday and could not send texts all night. However, that problem was sorted yesterday and now I cannot make a simple phone call with it!! When I open the phone and switch it on, I find that if I try to phone someone, I am either getting "entering" on the screen or, if I press the left hand phone button first, "previously dialled calls" phone numbers comes up on the screen! It will not simply ring out! Anyone got any ideas? I think it will be nothing major, just a setting that needs tweaking or something. Please can anyone advise me what to do and how to fix the issue/

Many thanks


PS. I made a simple call on Friday night so it was working then and I have not dropped the phone or anything since then.

I have the same problem. All of sudden my Motorola V220 started to cause problem that I can not make any phone call. My phone is unlocked so I do not understand why?

12.30pm Monday 4th July

Hi everyone, Problem sorted I am glad to say.


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