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Why can't I answer calls on my LG Optimus Showtime?

It won't unlock to answer some phone calls. It rings, I see who is calling (they are not resricted)... I press the green phone icon. No pickup (sometimes). It says swipe any icon to open. None open it. The call becomes unanswered. I have to call them back. Help!!!

I have the same problem with LG Tribute. It says to swipe in any direction to answer calls, but neither swiping nor pressing the buttons seems to work, and calls go into voice mail.

Annoying isn't it???? I have found that if you hold and drag to the right or up, the swipe works.


I have the same problem. Sometimes it swipes, sometimes it doesn't. Not good.

Hi Donna. That sometimes also happen on my Android phone. Just restart your phone and see if you can answer the phone the next time someone calls.

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